tirsdag, mai 23, 2006

Pop pop pop popmusic is SO gay ...

The long promised, and longed for, wave of italo never hit Norway. Well, at least Oslo seems to have escaped it. Damn!
Although, whilst in Bergen - spinning records at Bergen Gay Pride... insane and not to be experienced again – we saw where the wave had stopped. Yes, Bergen. My hometown. There is a vibrant italo scene there. And out of it came an amazing record recently. Skatebård «Midnight Magic». I´ll get back to Skatebård another day, but check him out. His work is brilliant!

While we were sitting in Oslo the past two years hopeing for a italo revival i found this incredible track on the fab lable HOT BANANA.
It took hold of me and made me blush. I behaved like a schoolboy in heat, and with shameful, lusty energy oozing from every pore of my pop-body!

Naommon «I Am Not Ashamed» was the answer to my prayers. Not totally italo. Just full of elements of pure pop magic. Electropop and euro-feelings galore!
And, i found out, there is no reason to be ashamed. Throw your hands in the air and give yourself over to the magic.

now, did this make you want to download it?

If not, hear from the boy himself:

Naommon is a young vocalist coming from the electronica and dance music french scene. Today, he focuses his whole universe into «So Boyish», an electropop debut album as a declaration of independence!
The singer mainly draws his inspiration from those hits in his own repertoire dealing with set of themes ranging from identity and sexually asserted topics.

During the selection of Popstars, the real TV show on French channel M6, the artist's career adopted a complete new turn. Sitting in front of his TV set, Kiko, half of Sinema and producer for successful electro labels such as Turbo or Gigolo, senses great potential in this young fellow who has already attained minutes of glory granted by Andy Warhol to anybody. RAVE UP RAVE UP A few phone calls later, Naommon trains his voice on «I Am Not Ashamed», a 12" released on Hot Banana, Kiko's label.




The swedes have had it for years. The pop sensebility i mean.
I was never a huge fan of Army Of Lovers, but when Alexander Bard came up with Bodies Without Organs it was like a pop dream come true...

Bard is also breeding horses, a side project i guess. His business partner, Ulrich, has also started his own pop squad; Nouveau Rich.
At first the duo just made me laugh with embarassment. «Oh Lord» was their first single and ... well, took me nowhere fast.

However: the new one, «Hardcore Life» was the song that made me look up Naommon again. It`s got the same quality as «I Am Not Ashamed».
And, you know what? The swedes are seldom ashamed. They may all look like faggots and like manequins... but maybe that is what they are. Maybe Stockholm is in fact Liquid Sky, the movie.
I think i need sleep now, don`t you?
It´s a fucking hardcore life i tell ya....



mandag, mai 15, 2006

The sound of a pink narcissus

When Coil got lost in the tragedy of the death of Jhonn Balance i was also lost ... Now i have many friends who have been promoting the sound of Matmos and told me i would love them i never really listened too closely. Their new album, «The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast» changed that ... I have been a huge fan of Drew Daniel`s side project The Soft Pink Truth, but it took these hymns to a large number of queer heroes and villains to make me sit down and listen closely to Matmos.

Matmos has posted an indepth article about «The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast» on their website.
This is what they have to say about one of my favourite tracks, «Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan».
Larry Levan (nee Lawrence Philpot, 1954 -1992) holds an important place in the history of disco music and gay nightlife as the resident DJ of the Continental Steam Baths and the Paradise Garage. His obsessive attention to the narrative and perceptual possibilities of mixing during his tenure at the Garage has become the stuff of urban legend. His dub-inflected, psychedelic remixes of artists such as Loose Joints, Ednah Holt, and Class Action exemplify a promiscuous, open-ended approach to dance music which is his enduring legacy.

Download Matmos «Steam and Roses for Larry Levan

BUY Matmos «The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast»

Check out the world of MATMOS

søndag, mai 07, 2006

You like plastique...

«I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They're beautiful. Everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic»
-Andy Warhol-

Now, Amanda does not really fall into the gay catogory. She is her own brand. Her own genre. A unique happening.
Amanda Lepore has been New York City´s IT girl since the early 1990's. She originates from New Jersey. She had her first cosmetic surgery at the age of 15 and then had a sex change in her final year of high school. Once a married suburban housewife, she fled her failing marriage for the bright lights and exciting scene of NYC.

This was of course just the short, tabloid version, of her amazing story. Read the biography, as told by Amanda her self over at Amanda Lepore Online

Amanda is the muse of photographer David La Chapelle, Swatch made the watch «Time tranny» in her honour and now comes the Amanda LePore doll!
Fuck GI Joe and Barbie. I want Amanda!

Her debut singles «Champagne», and «My Hair Looks Fierce» produced by Fatal Art Syndicate with lyrics written by gorgeous, hunky b-boy Cazwell, are up for grabs and to give you a taster i`ll share «My Hair Looks Fierce» with you all.

Girls! Your Revlon is calling.
Do your make up to this soundtrack!
Amanda Lepore :: «My Hair Looks Fierce»

As a nice bonus;
check out LaChapelle`s commercial for the make up brand MAC and fashion label Heatherette Amanda Lepore «MAC / Heatherette Commercial

fredag, mai 05, 2006

I swear ... i was just in a good mood ...

Before i left for work i had to play some music – why not record it?
Flipped through to see what i could find that had a raunchy queer edge – and this is what i came up with.

Playing tonight and will for sure bring some of these tracks.
Next week it`s off to Bergen to play Bergen Pride.
Bergen is actually my hometown ...
Maybe i`ll end up like Bette Midler in The Rose? Overdose and out sweetie.
Glamour is rocky road!

Anyways; enjoy this if you feel like it!

Cock Suckers rule ok!
Aaron-Carl «Wash It»
Man 2 Man «Male Stripper» Bobby `O´1983 Version
Bodies Without Organs «Conquering America» Johan S Remix
Marc Almond «Vanity, Poverty, Revenge» Punx Revenge
Boytronic «You» Roused
Hungry Wives «It`s Over»
Soft Pink Truth «Confessions»

Download it, suck it and swallow it :: Deadswan «Cocksuckers Rule Ok!»

mandag, mai 01, 2006

Snuten rules! Ok!

The Band Snuten is all the rage at the moment. Totally mayhem and jammed doors at the showcase last night... missed them, byt i`ll get my chance again soon.
Snuten is putting the last touches on their third album these days. Something to look forward to, primis!
In their own humble words Snuten is:
Electro/punk/power ballad-act Snuten is the most intense group to come out of Oslo, Norway EVER! Great on wax, simply unbelievable on stage. Male Power! Makes electroclash look like a stupid photo shoot. Makes punk bands look like old people waiting for their asses to get washed. Makes Barbara Streisand look like Celine Dion. Makes cancer look like a bellyache. We could go on.

Anyways; i`ve heard one of the tunes from the album «We Never Learn». «Easy» is a personal observation of the gayscene, seen through the eyes of vocalist Nils. It`s spot on, hilarious, funky, addictive and pure Snuten!
However, you will have to wait for the album dear punters.
«We Never Learn» is due may 13th. On the same date the release a brand new 12", «Entourage», complete with a bunch of remixes from Li`l Wolf & Chris Lynch of Norway, Trulz & Robin and Olav Brekke & Sideshow Jögge.

A video has also been made for the track «Easy» i was told recently. This will be so so so fun!

While we are waiting for «We Never Learn»
Head on over to their website and download the kool Rollerboy
That track should make the wait more comfortable...