lørdag, april 29, 2006

Kamikaze mixture and chaostrophy!

Now, what to do if you`re bored... take all the tracks you haven`t had a chance to get into and throw yourself out at the deep end.
Fun, fun and some fuck up`s. Who cares?

If you want a piece of my action. Go ahead and download Deadswan`s saturday, with cider and Absolut, mix. It`s far from flawless - but not bad either...

*Cosmic Sandwich «Man In A Box»
*Larry Tee feat Princess Julia «The Noughtees»
*Nathan Fake «Outhouse» Umek Astrodisco Mix
*Frau-Doktor «Astronauten» Napsugar Remix
*A.I.M «So Evil» Tomboy Twist
*Gregor Tresher «Heat»
*Pig & Dan «On To The Beat»

Treat yourself to 40 minutes of Deadswan «Mixing With Strangers»

onsdag, april 26, 2006


Thought we should share Dj Deadswans latest mix.

Sort of a shit stabbing pop mix...
you get the picture...

mixed by Dj Deadswan


mandag, april 24, 2006

Superior homo pop music

Not so much about buzz as about cocks ... Well not really true either. We wanna talk about cocklovers!

The buzz is out on new wave heroes Buzzcocks. They have a new album out, «Flat-pack Philosophy», and are currently on a tour, which will take them to Elm Street, Oslo tonight.
Buzzcocks have some amazing tunes full of spunk, joy, speed and energy – like «Orgasm Addict», and of course the timeless «Ever Fallen In Love».

But the reason Homo Popaganda puts the spotlight on Buzzcocks is of course Pete Shelley. Founder of Buzzcocks and bisexual, or gay ... or...? Well, he likes cock as much as us that should count for soemthing!

1981, the year Buzzcocks broke up, Shelley released his first solo single «Homosapien». The song was actually meant to be on the next Buzzcocks album, but with the group gone he released it himself. The song was banned by the BBC for «explicit reference to gay sex», which didn't stop it from becoming enormously popular in dance clubs in Europe and North America.

At this time, Pete Shelley also talked about his bisexuality, which had been implicit in many of the Buzzcocks songs he had written but now came to attention due to «Homosapien» and the BBC ban.
The single married a synthy disco beat to lyrics about gay sex. And the line everyone objected to was «homo superior / in my interior».

Scary stuff? Nah! It`s a great tune – and refreshing to hear these days. Pure pop ala Pete Shelley.

Enjoy Pete Shelley «Homosapien»

As we are such nice homosexualists we give you this one as well:
«Homosapien» Martin Rushent dub

søndag, april 23, 2006

The Divine Feud

One of my favourite movies of all time is «Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?».
Bette Davis and Joan Crawford managed to put aside, at least in the beginning, the war between them...
However, all the fights and action in this masterpiece is for real. Promise!

Go get the book about the two divas, «The Divine Feud». Marvelous!

And then... this little piece of magic popped up on the net. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Agree?

Lunchbox «Baby Jane», made in England in 1992, is a piece of pure oldschool house/handbag tune containing samples form the movie.
A truly rare record to find on vinyl these days. If you do a search on say eBay you`ll have to come up with some serious cash in order to get it.

The vinyl contained 4 mixes;
7” Radio Mix
12” Mix
Sweaty Betty Mix
and Ambient Mix

The one we are sharing with you is
Lunchbox «Baby Jane» 12" Mix

Bring it home, kill the bird, order some alcohol and start dancing!
...now i wonder... when will the house version of Baby Jane`s song pop up?
«I`ve written a letter to daddy / He`s adress is heaven above...»

fredag, april 21, 2006

Pure death punk for gay acid pixies

Bondage Fairies is a gay-electro-punkrock band from Sweden whose love for synthesizer-sex, beer and helmets is far known in the subculture of Stockholm.
They are also praised for their bizarre punk rock live acting on stage.

Bondage Fairies are art school dropout Elvis Creep, computer scientist Deus Deceptor and super mainframe computer Bee-Bee Prime who craft head-shredding noise spawned from raw electricity and synthetic drums in an outburst of punk and electro-madness.

The first outing came with the 7" EP «He-man» on Lobotom in 2005. Total noise-pop, electro and liberal sampling.
The debut album «What You Didn't Know When You Hired Me» is now up for world relase and you would be stupid if you did not hunt it down!

The song we want to share with you is the magnificent «Gay Wedding».
A cute story with the brilliant line «Oh where? / Where`s the bride? / Oh where...?»
.,..which in our book is a totally relevant question when you attend a gay wedding... No?

Come on fairies! Sing with the
Bondage Fairies «Gay Wedding»

Check the label:

Visit Bondage Fairies official website:

torsdag, april 20, 2006

Sex with The Arch Angels Of Chaos

Now here is a treat for the boys.
For boys who like boys who like sex and magick.
Coil, the arch angels of chaos, made this way back when and
it`s a tool for you to use.

«How to Destroy Angels» is described as «ritual music for the accumulation of male sexual energy», and was said, by Coil, to have been produced under a variety of technological, spiritual, and meteorological conditions which the band felt to be magickally significant. It was dedicated to the god Mars and used predominantly iron and steel instruments, such as swords and gongs.

I haven`t tried it out myself yet, but i`m going to – found the perfect guy to enjoy it with... that is all i want to share on that subject.

John Balance passed away on 13 November, 2004 after falling from a first floor landing in his home. On November 25th, it was announced that Coil would be releasing a number of video, audio and other works that were in various states of completion at the time of Jhonn's death, and all other planned appearances and releases would be cancelled, ending the band's twenty-year artistic career.

This is Coil: The Solar Lodge

Get yourself som magickal and ritual sex music:
Coil «How To Destroy Angels»

onsdag, april 19, 2006

This is for the queers! ...it`s so dark in here, i can`t see you ...

I am not going to turn this blog into some «Where Are They Now» crap. But sometimes, when you hear something you relate, reflect and think of other stuff that gave you a similar feeling.

I remember the first interview i read with The Divine David. He blew my mind – and i would forever go into the toilets of every indieclub i passed, whip out my marker and scribble «I`M NOT BITTER – I`M ANGRY!»

The last shout out from The Divine David was, i believe, a big production called The Divine David On Ice ... perfect. But i miss him.

A while back i came across someone called Chloe Poems. ‘Now, what to make of that’ i thought ... I forgott all about her of course. Not thinking about her at all – until today. My dear friends and flatmates, OvaryAction, sent me a mail – well, we do talk and excist in perfect hermony, but you know how it is sometimes with different schedules, daily rythm and too-many-things-to-do-but-here-is-a-mail-to-say-i-love-you.

There i go go go, ranting again. But this is my life and my drama. Tonight for example; i came home, and as usual, almost same time every month, there on my bed a fresh issue of Oslo`s only feministultragrrlriot
musicensyclopedia «OvaryAction». Perfect! Food, fags, cat, television and a long interview with JD Samson.
... insode the zine there was hidden something, a yellow fanfuckintastic picture 7” of Yeah Yeah Yeahs «Gold Lion»!
Did i mention i plan to marry them?
My flatmates that is ... not the 7”....
Well, why not? When lunatics can create something like The Family of God then why cant we make our own terror cell?
I should mention that we don`t have a sign on our outside door. No we keep a sign on the inside that everyone reads befrore they leave the apartment, «Don`t Go Out There, They All Hate You!»
... no wonder i just had to move in right?
Anyways, the mail i got included a link to Switchflicker Records page on myspace. Eager for a break and some queer energy, i klicked and went over.

And there she was again, Chloe Poems!

Chloe Poems is a gay socialist transvestite poet, gingham diva, radical agender bender and the proud Voice of Treason.
She's also a lover of life and a great big camp girlie-goo girls blouse who loves joy, whoosh and nothing better than having a good time.
And you will have a good time in her presence. Wheter in real life or as a mind and gender bending audio candy.

Her poems are brilliant.

Her take on issues like the royal family and on capitalism for example is spot on. When it comes to the gay community she hits it right on the fuckers head! Touchè!
I will also give you a taster of her brilliance.
But on two conditions!
You read the following poem. All of it.
Keep it: Share it! and most of all... learn it.
And last, go and by some of her records and books, ok? Ok!

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to Chloe Poems «The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock»

What is this thing called Gay?

What is this thing called Gay?
I thought it was about life, love and passion
That is was way more original
Than the latest high street fashion
That it was more than a business proposition.
I thought it lived in glorious opposition
To some of the hideous wrongs of our society
That gay meant colour
Of more than the rainbow variety
That experience was our college,
Life, our university
I thought this thing called gay
Meant we were warriors of diversity
Banners flying high
Weapons in hand
Marching mincing
To the Promised Land.
That it was way more important
Than the newest celebrity in vogue
Call me old-fashioned
But I think this thing called Gay
Means so much more
Than just Kylie Minogue,
So much more than wanting more
So what is this thing called Gay?
And who is it for?

This is for the rent boys
Disadvantaged and the poor
This is for the people our magazines ignore
This is for the volunteers
And the mobile-phoneless
This is for the streets
And the gays who are homeless.

This is for the queers
Who first answered the clarion call
Those magnificent men who were drag queens
Breaking rules and breaking nails
By throwing bricks at Stonewall.
This is for their sparkle
This is for their spangle
This is for those who wore the pink triangle.
This is for the ladies, transgendered and the gents
And those sassy saucy Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

This is for the slogan “No surrender”
For every diesel dyke
And lipstick lesbian avenger.
This is for the complex, the confident and banal
And for all those wonderful times
Cruising the canal.
This is for the bitter, this is for the sweet
And for all of you out there
Who love an anal treat.

This is for the people who survived their abusers
This is for the sex workers and the wheelchair users
For families, friends, partners
Who’ve watched their loved ones die
For the lowest of the low
The highest of the high.
This is for those of us who live with this disease
This is for anger
This is for peace.
This isn’t for Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey or Madonna
This is for unity, integrity and honour
For individuality and its increasing rarity
For S&M
And its liberating perversity.
This is for the fat
This is for the skinny
This is for the screaming queen
And the moaning Minnie.
This is for the winners
But more for the losers
And for all my friends
The pill-poppers and boozers
Rave on Gaychester!

This is for movement
This is for stillness
This is for sanity
And mental illness.
This is for the families who have never pretended
This is for the forgiving
And the offended
This is for coming through the violence and hate
This is for the end
Of Clause 28.
This is for the isolated
This is for the crowd.

This is Chloe Poems
And why I’m out and proud.

Check the record label
Switchflicker Records

Visit Chloe Poems

Enjoy Chloe Poems «The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock»

tirsdag, april 18, 2006

A fierce italian stallion

When i was a kid i remember that adults had something they called »blue movies». I kind of new what they were, but never really sought it out.
Hey, i`m gay you know... so the idea of swedish Inga being mounted by the raunchy exchange student Billy from Pittsburgh USA did not tickle me.
The idea of Billy from Pittsburgh however... But that`s another story, and it involves me, my self and a plot that goes «oh-hi-Billy-i-was-just-on-my-way-to-start-milking-the-cows...»
Oh dear, i`m drifting....

Girrls and/or/either boyz!
Raise your hands if you`ve spotted the wonderful artist whos name is Adriano Canzian.

I`m sure he`s not lost, far from it. It`s just that i want another album from him. Like, now!

Many of you remember the debut «Pornography», on International Deejay Gigolo. A straight up raunchy, sleazy fuck fest with sparse rythm and minimal tourette syndrom. If such a condition exists.

We were treated to hymns like «Blow Job», «Lick My Ass» and «My Boyfriend Is Very Sexy». Another stomper was «Sexy Military March (1234 Fuck! Uuh!)». Joyful kink and marching cocks...

The first time i heard Adriano Canzian though was when Gigolo dropped the 12” «Macho Boy». And, dear punters, that is what we are sharing today.

Our thoughts and respect goes out to Canzians family who made it possible for him to go awol in his teenyears.
«When I was 17 I used to jump out of my bedroom window to reach Movida, the famous club in Jesolo where every single night was a special event » Canzian tells in his biography.
«I like mixing glamour philosophy with punk philosophy... basicly I like doing whatever I want. I guess that's why Hell decided to embrace my project...»

Come on you dirty bitch! Pick up ADRIANO CANZIAN «MACHO BOY»

Klick, klick, klick your way over to ADRIANO CANZIAN

mandag, april 17, 2006

«Don`t Fuck With Us. Ok? Ok!»

Emerged from the mind of its producer, Big Toxic, Dirty Princess is a band from Madrid whose electro-disko-punk sound combined with their quite disturbing live shows make a perfect combination of image, music and performance.

...a rather cheerful posse of nasty-as-we-wanna-be grrrls to look out for.
They`ve released two picture 12" so far on the Mad Dildo label.

Money corrupts. We are corrupted and have no money.

In the light of such a statement we feel ok about sharing the goodies. Dirty Princess has posted two tracks on their site as well as videoes. Highly recommended!

The new tune for me was «Tampax». Which one will you favour?

You want? You want it? You can fucking have it! Dirty Princess «Tampax» [direct link]

Go grab it! Dirty Princess «Mesca y lina» [direct link]

Walk this way to get Dirty Princess «Going Going» [You Send It]

Visit Dirty Princess

søndag, april 16, 2006

Girl on girl action, and the sea...

Just couldn`t sleep....
Listening to a-ha «I´ve Been Losing You»... such a long time since last time, and i wonder how they managed to loose the magic.
Well, Morten is a loonybin for sure – that should explain it i guess.
But who am i to talk?
Get your ass to bed now!

But first...
it`s sunday morning. Maybe the sun i shining? Who cares. Take a walk along the beach anyway – exciting things can happen.
Listen to Lexi «On The Beach» and you`ll know what i`m talking about.

«On The Beach», released 2005, i a raunchy, yet quiet, story of a lesbian encounter on a beach. Think Madonna meets Lydia Lunch over a bowl of whipped cream in the living room of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – close anyway...

Make up your own mind as you transfer it to your iPod and get ready for that stroll along, some, beach. Enjoy!
Join the fun with
Lexi «On The Beach»

lørdag, april 15, 2006

Totally Fucking Gay

yes... it`s a band... go figure. The name of their album is «With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemas?» (2005)

Now, i`ve had my fair share of hilarious grind core – you know, like Anal Cunt and their «Windchimes Are Gay», but this... it`s like a norwegian death metal vocalist got trapped in a tincan with two beat boxes and other kinky fischer price tools... you get the idea?

I don`t know much about this band, i have to admitt. But with songs like «Elton John Is Hot» and «An Orgy With The Village People» you can`t go wrong... But at the same time they will sure as hell not be booked to perform at any gay festival any time soon – and that`s a shame.

Although... In the lysrics for the song «Hetero Bashing» the get it all wrong; «I’ll admit I secretly wonder what it’s like to be straight / Sometimes I think about Cameron Diaz when I masturbate». Diaz? Afraid not sir!

Get a taste of some of the lyrical sharpness (?) of the record.
«Elton John Is Hot»
«Now I know why they call you the Rocket Man… Saturday Night is alright for fucking»

«A Celebration Of Our Manliness»

«Give me a condom for my pee pee / I don’t want it to smell like dookie / If I cum, is it salty and hot / I’m so glad you don’t have a twat»

«Jail Ain’t So Bad»

«Being locked up might be fun if your cellmate was Mike Tyson / Suck my cock and bite my ear / I’ll stick my finger in your rear»

«Girls Are Icky»
«When I hold a hand with hair on the knuckle / I can’t help it, my knees start to buckle / Hair on the big toe and hair on the back / These are the things that get me in the sack»

«Men In Uniform»
«Let me cum on your zits and they will go away /Just another reason to be gay / Men in uniform get me hard / Like rent a cops and crossing guards»

«An Orgy With The Village People»

«In my mouth, in my ass, and one in each hand / Don’t fuck with me, I’m with the band / Talented gay men with big cocks / I’m jerking off the Indian while I blow the cop»

«I Wanna Blow Justin Timberlake»
«I wanna blow Justin Timberlake / I am sure that his balls taste grea / I think that he waxes his chest / I hope that he waxes his taint / Smacking Justin’s ass with a plastic spatula»

Here you go go go. Enjoy Totally Fucking Gay «I Wanna Blow Justin Timberlake

A spunk loving, ball busting genius...

Leigh Bowery, what a caracter...! I highly recommend the documentary «Legend Of Leigh Bowery»

The candy i`m sharing with you is Leigh`s band Minty and their infamous anthem «Useless Man»

Minty «Useless Man»

boot licking / piss drinking / finger frigging / tit tweaking / lovebiting /arse licking / shit stabbing / motherfucking / spunk loving / ball busting / cock sucking / fist fucking / lip smacking / thirst quenching / cool living / ever giving / useless man.....

Grab hold of Minty «Useless Man»

fredag, april 14, 2006

The first steps in blogg hell....

So, my idea is to search out the weird and wonderful world of music... popmusic, queer sounds and little diamonds.
It`s all about sharing right?
But bare with me. I`ll get started really soon!

But first. Have a listen to this Bronski Beat cover.
Axwell & Steve Angello «Why»

stuff will come soon

just created this space and will get back to it in a flash