tirsdag, november 07, 2006


Zeigenbock Kopf

The ultra-lowfi, mysterious and frighteningly addictive, slut-punk duo of german brothers hans and uli bunschlaper with aid from Detlef, Zeigenbock Kopf left the flacid and impotent dance scene of berlin behind forever. Their beats pummel. Their bass is too loud and the highs are acrid. you can smell the cum steaming out of the monitors..they came to san fransisco not to embrace the dance scene or the gay pride parades but to destroy clubs and to hurt people who open themselves up to be victimized by the hurter put on at live shows they cum to dance and you too will dance because you are weak. Z/K release this follow up album to there debut album "I.D.M.", a severely warped and very un PC collection of assdestroying sexy electro gabber beats and rockabillyish guitars and organs combined with dance till you drop dead vocal commandments that you have to hear to believe. Fans of mens recovery project, whitehouse, pink and brown, kid606, abba, miss kitten, electronicat, merzbow, coachwhips, numbers, and throbbing gristle will be very pleased. Theirs is the sound of a spastically pulsating prostate...and they will tear you a new earhole while showing you the difference between your orifices, polymorphously perverse crunchy waveforms and harsh minimal early industrial booty with Krautcock vox 100% Rectum rockin!!!!"

lørdag, november 04, 2006

Enough said ...

...but we knew that that tune, as people have been calling it since the first day we dropped it on an unexpected dancefloor at Iconoclastic, would grow to be a monster. Well, the song is still great - actually it turned people into monsters ... High five for the award for best video 2006!

and ... Kayne West ...? Brrrphhii harrr ahrrr ..... «We are your friends / You`ll never be alone again / So come on» ...grow up, idiot!!