torsdag, januar 11, 2007


This gem really made my morning look so much brighter!
I fucking love Ssion!

The Ssion is the product of Cody Critcheloe, a young misfit who created this band with several other young misfits back when he was in high school, living in Lewisport, KY. Getting kicked out of every club in the state that would have them was no mean feat, but they went and did it anyway. Vice Magazine gave the output of this era of the band (a cassette entitled "Fucked Into Oblivion") a 9 out of 10; it's way too real for most people to handle, like surgery without anesthesia.



tirsdag, januar 02, 2007

2007 = more of everything!

More sex, more fun and more kink!
... still smiling in the face of perversity ..
and so should you my friend.

Here is some helpful hints from Dr. Sigmund Winston, a fictional doctor causing a laugh riot at my home at the moment ...

Along with the help of his trusty sidekick Billy,Dr. Sigmund Winston teaches the students of the '50s how to put more excitement into self-loving. Boys from the local YMCA and visual aides give the audience a simple step-by-step approach to masturbation.

Have go go go!